Born and raised in France, Andy Rafiringa grew up listening to a lot of different music being born in a music lover family: blues, rock, jazz, folk, music from Madagascar, world, reggae, hip-hop among others.

His first musical envy was through drums, than saxophone. But the expenses would have been too much at the time and guitar was the instrument of choice: having a father who used to play it at home, the string instrument was quietly waiting to be picked up again.Twelve was the age where all started. He began taking basic lessons with local guitar player Christian Burkhard who immediately recognized his talent and dedication to the instrument. Aside these lessons, Andy developed his sound and ears mostly by himself, picking up music he heard in records and the radio. French artist Tété, Marcel Dadi, Ben Harper, Jimi Hendrix or The Police made him willing to pursue his path as a musician.

At age fifteen, Andy played his first solo performance as a singer and guitar player in local and prestigious “Blues Café”, Montpellier, France. Around that time, he also was the lead singer/guitar player of his band Mad A Gaspard, performing in many venues around Montpellier and Paris, France.

After obtaining his high school diploma, enrichened by his musical experience, and with the support of his family, Andy decided to continue his musical journey by studying the art deeply and thoroughly. He first accessed a formal musical training (solfege, harmony, rhythm, composition, arrangement) enrolling at the American School of Modern Music in Paris (Berklee International Network school at that time). There he fell in love with jazz studying with Rick Margitza, Peter Giron, Bernard Vidal to name a few. All of them agreed on his excellence in every area covered in and out of class.                                           

While in Paris, Andy played in various bands including Cyril Bottard Polyrhythmico club, an afrobeat/jazz/african music sextet and Bree Tshasa, a jazz/rock fusion trio. He also played in numerous jam sessions in Paris at “Le Baiser Sale”, “Le Duc Des Lombards” and “Autour de Midi et Minuit” among others. He also continued to play with Mad A Gaspard in large venues such as La Locomotive and La Place de la Republique, Paris.

2011 saw him crossing the Atlantic to attend Berklee College of Music on a merit-based scholarship. Studying with great teachers such as Bret Wilmott, Oscar Stagnaro, Alain Mallet, Jackson Shultz, Dave Santoro and Jim Odgren, Boston was also the place where he had the chance to meet and collaborate (performances, recording sessions) with incredible musicians from all around the world. He had the opportunity to play numerous performances among various projects (Byron Noemdoe’s band, Anna Tiani Sextet, Nicolas Lossen’s big bang…). Venues include “Wally’s Jazz Club” where he got (and continues) to lead bands every week since the beginning of 2013, “Boston Children’s Hospital” during the Summer Music Series for the Volunteer Services and Arts Program or even ”Harvard Medical School” for the Berklee Summer Concerts Series.

Musical training through college and experience changed his perception of sounds; it made him consider a new way to approach music, made him realize how deep the art is. It gave him a freedom that keeps growing as he plays, practices and listens to songs.

Continuing his studies at Berklee, Andy is currently forming his own sextet to record and perform in as many venues as he can. As days go by, his willing to evolve and his hard work are still shaping his musical growth and career objectives.



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